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Howdy, guys :D

This isn't my first blog, actually. I'd made one eons ago when I was in high school. It wasn't properly maintained (heck, I think I only wrote one post and just left it) so I don't think it could be called a real blog.

Anyways, I've been writing ever since I was a child. I used to wrote in notebooks that my parents usually scolded me because those were for studying. What do I write, you ask? I write fictions.
My favourite genre is historical fiction. I really love to build a fictional world with its own history. Kinda like Middle-earth and Westeros (the latter one is my most favourite, FYI). No wonder if i have a dream to be a novelist.

We all have one, right? :D

I have finished a draft years ago and guess what? You could buy it here (it's in Indonesian language). I'd like to edit it and make some improvements before trying my luck and send it  to publishers again (I'd already sent it to three publishers and they all rejected it T_T ), but I don't have the time yet so it's just sitting in the corner of my HDD

I designed the cover myself so I guess you could gauge my skill at graphic design lol

Speaking of which, have I told you guys the reason I make this particular blog? Yeah, you already know I love writing, of course. My daily life these past few years just didn't give me enough times to pour my mind into writing that I just forgot about it and lost my touch (kinda).

It scares me :")

So here I am. I have yet to edit my novel, but at the very least I could manage to write posts here (to hone my skill, so to speak). Besides that, I plan to make this blog as a portal to share my thoughts on various things (a fancy term for ramblings; hence my blog's title :D ).

I already have some things in mind so I guess I'll write a few more posts in the near future.

See you next time ;)

Oh, guys, I forgot to tell you. Please like my Facebook page and subscribe to this blog. Just writing without any reader (especially in the beginning) could be very discouraging so I'm gonna need lots of support from you (comment, like, share, etc).
Thanks :D

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