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Howdy :D

This time, I'd like to delve into one of the reasons I started this blog. As most people nowadays, I'm quite active in my social media (I only have one active account which is in Facebook). I update my status, comment on other people's status, upload some pics and whatnot.

But for the last one year, I find myself disturbed by "righteous" people in my Home page. They're those people zealously posting any news that cater to their belief.

Yeah, right 😒

Seeing any similarity?
So yeah, I've been dealing with the majority in my country. Sucks, eh?
First of all, let me confirm that I'm not anti-religion, but, even so, these overzealously, bigoted posts are really getting on my nerves. I couldn't make peace with the fact that they spread their views with the world so my logical reaction is to counter it with my own posts.

I mostly post satires to counter those "righteous" people
Guess what? I've obviously got backlash from them and other people. I could brush it off by not replying because I don't like to argue (especially in social media because it looks moronic), but there's this one person (a relative of mine) whose comments I couldn't left unattended so I made an exception for her.

Later I realized that it's an utter waste of time -_-
After this, I pondered if it's still beneficial for me to publicly share my personal views. I mean, I don't have the guts to tell people that I only put a necessary amount of faith in my own belief or that I support different-religion marriages, or any other sensitive  matters. My family is mostly composed of "righteous" people (especially the elder ones) so I couldn't just ignore them because of family issues.
I still want to share my thoughts, though~
Because I've also decided to continue writing, I guess I would just make a blog and put all my thoughts and rants here.
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